Price List

MASTERING SERVICE Description Price €
Audio Master digital master, vinyl pre-master
up to 9 minutes per track
1 – 3 tracks
4 – … tracks
60,00 / track
55,00 / track
Attended Session with maximum of 2 people 120,00 / hour
Stem Master up to 8 stems per track 110,00 / track
EXTRA SERVICE (in addition to Mastering Service):
Extended Length more than 9 minutes per track 6,00 / min
Mastered for iTunes mastered expressly for distribution
by iTunes
15,00 / track
Additional Master for
different formats
e.g.: Vinyl Pre-Master AND Digital Master 30,00 / track
Master through tape Studer A80, ½ inch tape machine 23,00 / track
1 revision per track is included.
For a smooth work flow please send approval within 48 hours.


Master Cut 12“ / 10“ includes necessary sound adjustments,
test cuts and 1 track per side
80,00 / side
Master Cut 7“ includes necessary sound adjustments,
test cuts and 1 track per side
70,00 / side
Additional tracks per side A2, A3…., B2, B3…. 15,00 / track
Dubplate 1 sided up to 13 min. per side 45,00
Dubplate 2 sided up to 13 min. per side 60,00
Material not mastered
@ scape mastering
additional costs for sound adjustments,
test cuts, including studio time
45,00 / side
shipping costs lacquers master lacquers are shipped
to pressing plant only!
10,00 to DE
37,00 to EU
95,00 to US


format changes sample rate conversion, dithering,
file format changes,
AAC/ mp3 encoding
3,00 / track
DDPi DDP image for CD prouduction
incl. CD text, ISRC codes
charged in 15 minutes intervals
90,00 / hour
Studio Time charged in 15 minutes intervals 90,00 / hour

PLEASE NOTE: If a new version or any additional mix is delivered during the mastering process it will be charged with additional studio time.


New Customers are kindly asked for immidiate payment after invoice.
Mastered files, DDPi and master lacquers are only sent after payment is received.
Advance payment does not affect the guarantueed 1 revision per mastered track.

Accepted payment methods:
Bank transfer, Paypal, Cash
Please note that all bank transfer and curency exchange fees have to be paid by customer.
Paypal fee: Europe 2,1 % US 4,5 %, world 6%

PLEASE NOTE: all prices are calculated without VAT.
We add 19% VAT if you´re based in Germany, or if you don´t have a valid European VAT number, or if you are a private person (no self-employed business announced) in a Non-EU country.