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Recent Projects:
The Orb “Alpine Remixes” – Kompakt (KOM359) – 12inch
Tin Man + Winter Son – Acid Test 11 – 12inch
Baaz – Office Recordings (OR008)
C/Fe – No Suit Records (NOSR 005) – 12inch
TC80 – Cabaret010 – 12inch
Gudrun Gut – Run United (RU18, RU19) – 12inch / LP
Biosphere – BIO4LP – do12inch
Kit Clayton/Jorge Felucca (Kaleidoscope001) – 12inch
Stomach Club – The Breath (BRTH1115) – 12inch
v.a. – Spring ep – lomidhigh (LMH ORG 021) – 12inch
Onur Özer – Time Passages (TP04) – 12inch
Hokuto Sato – Aura Music (AM004) – 12inch
Prism – Sublime records (SBLLP006) – double 12inch
The Bug – Ninja Tune (ZEN12435) – 12inch
Garret David/Colin Johnson – Common Path Chicago (NSJ1) – 12inch
Agonis – Amenthia (AMEN002) – 12inch
Electric Indigo – HET002 – 12inch
Ahu – Third Ear (3EEP2016_03) – 12inch
Varg – Elekron Grammofob records (EGR45-00004) – 12inch
&apos – Bepotel (BEP009) – 12inch
Woog Riots – Lo-fi-010 – 12inch
Jonas Friedlich – Molten Moods (MOLTEN-3) – 12inch
v.a. – Drowned records (DRWND006) – do12inch
Benjamin Brunn – Third ear (3ELP2016_04) – do12inch
Natalia Beridze – Monika87 – CD / LP
Cabaret Recordings – CAB009 – 12inch
v.a. – INIT002 – 12inch
Slopy – Izanami records (IZNM001) – 12inch
John Frusciante – Absurd (ASD027) – 12inch
BETKE – Slices Of Life (SOL8) – 12inch
Joe Farr – Leisure systems (LSR018) – 12inch
john Tejada – Kompakt (KOM355) – 12inch
v.a. – Bon Vivants (BVV_002) – 12inch
Night Time Drama (NTD006, NTD007, NTD008) – 12inch´s
Najem Sworb – Wolfskuil (WOLF035) – 12inch
Charlie Cunningham “Dumont Dumont” – DD010
Soultrash & Linda Jozefowskiu – #1 – CD
Tripeo & Candans – Tripeo (TRIPCOL1) – 12inch
BIRDIE006 – do12inch
Soundwalk Collective – Bella Union – (BELLA545) – CD/ do12inch
Ryan Crosson – Modernity (MDRNTY001) – 12inch
v.a. – Ultramagnetique (UMAG001) – 12inch
v.a. – Soundscape Version (SVER02) – 12inch
Radiq feat. Do Mi – Anoma (AOA003) – 12inch
Kandingray/Rrose – Stroboscopic Artefacts (SA027) – 12inch
Lucy – Stroboscopic Artefacts (SALP004/SACD007) – do12inch / CD
Souichi Terada – Jazzy Couscous (JC03) – 12inch
Manmade Science – Philpot (PHP072) – 12inch


“A good master can only be as good as the mix, but a master becomes better with an understanding of the purpose and ideas behind the music.”

After working as a mastering engineer at “Dubplates and Mastering” in Berlin between 1996 and 2000, i opened up my own studio for engineering and mixing. Since then I have had the pleasure of working with and for a lot of interesting artists, labels and genres of music.
Find here a list of Clients.

My focus on mastering is to provide musical solutions for your production and to have enhanced sound in every playback situation. To optimize your production for different formats from digital download to Vinyl I use the best equipment available from both old and new technologies which are all industry standards, including my vintage Neumann VMS 70 cutting lathe for great sounding cuts. I have also lately joined forces with Cristobal Urbina our new engineer in house.

If you would like to know more about our work please feel free to get in touch with us:

Yours Sincerely,

Stefan Betke