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Recent Projects:
King Midas Sound / Fennesz – Ninja Tune- (ZENLP225) – 12inch LP
Martin Gore “MG” (STUMM381) – do12inch / CD
Luke Slater (Alter Ego Records 027) – 12inch
Purl “Still Point” – Silent Seasons (SSCD17) – CD
Soundwalk Collective “What We Leave Behind – Jean-Luc Godard “
Dadub – Undogmatisch (UNDLP01) – do12inch
Urban Force (ORN036) 12inch
TC80 (Cabaret007) – 12inch
Ornaments035 – 12inch
Doka – Wolfskuil Records (WOLF032) – 12inch
Sandro M – Uncanny Valley (UV031) – 12inch
Royer – Material Image (MATIMG03) – 12inch
v.a. – (ZCKR10) – 12inchLP
Eric Cloutier – Wolfskuil LTD (WLTD026) – 12inch
Credit 00 – UNcanny Valley (UV028) – 12inch
House Mannequin pres. Love Comedy (TPL003) – 12inch
Rasmus Hedlund “Alster” – Ljudverket007 – do12inch
Biosphere “Micogravity” (BIO3) – 3x12inch
Sinfol “Intra” (ANAGRAM003) – 12inch
v.a. – Max Graef (UVGnT01) – 12inch
Barry Adamson – MUTE (STUMM134, STUMM53) – 12inchLP´s
Scaarlet – No Suit records (NoSR004) – 12inch
Shu Okyama “Kellnerthought EP” (KOL001) – 12inch
Scott Ferguson – Ferris Park (FPR043) – 12inch
Staffan Linzatti “Dividing in Two” (BALANS017) – 12inch
Kora Winter (RDSLP51) – 12inch
SINSEN & Poeple loves band “#1” (SL9-01) – 12inch
Alias & Alias (DRWND003) – 12inch
Kowton Rmx – Leisure Systems (LSR016) . 12inch
Leghau Abstract Animal (ANIMAL009) – 12inch
Alejandro Mosso “Horse Remixes” (LMHO019) – 12inch
Agonis “Panspermia” (Amen001) – 12inch
Mikhail Bogomolov – Pro_tez (P-T38) – 12inch
Sarras – Third Ear (3EEP2015-05) – 3x12inch
SHTUM008 – 12inch
John Tejada – Palette (PAL65) – 12inch
Cobblestone Jazz (IIWII16) – 12inch
Monomo – Third Ear (3EEP2015-04) – 12inch
Tripeo “Sihth Trip” (TRIP6) – 12inch
Fenin – Shitkatapult (STRIKE153) – do12inch
Monokle “Rings” (KI Records) – do12inch / CD
The Orb (KOM330/330SE/124CD) – 3x12inch / 2CD
SHTUM007 – 12inch
Somewhen (IMF005) – 12inch
Mobach (NSYDE12) – 12inch
Iron Curtis “The K.M.S. Years” (Office04) – 12inch
Edanticonf – Wolfskull LTD (WLTD025) – 12inch
Loonie Bin Records (LOON1, LOON2) – 12inch´s
The Mole “inhuman” (SOL7) – 12inch
Evan Baggs “Not A Story” (CAB006) – 12inch
Joachim Holm & Alejandro Mosso (SOMOS001) – 12inch
Die Suurbiers “Suurbier lebt” (YA3463-1/-2) – CD/DoLP
Wim Wenders – “Die Angst des Tormanns beim 11 Meter” – Soundtrack/LP

“A good master can only be as good as the mix, but a master becomes better with understanding the purpose and ideas behind the music.”

I started my mastering career in 1996 at Dubplates and Mastering in Berlin, and later opened up my own studio for engineering and mixing in 2000. Since then I have mastered and cut over a couple thousand tracks for various labels such as Mute, Third Ear, Minus, Wagon Repair, Uncanny Valley, Ornaments, Bpitch Control, K7, Sony Classical. I have also worked with artists and producers such as Vince Clark and Martin L Gore on their latest project VCMG, and The Orb featuring Lee Scratch Perry, go here to see a list of Clients.

My focus on mastering is to provide musical solutions for specific productions to have an enhanced sound in every playback situation. To make your productions go further, I use the best old and new technologies available from industry standards such as Weiss, Dangerous Music, Maselec, Neumann, Genelec, Summit Audio, Tube Tech and for a more in depth list go to: Studio and Equipment.

If you would like to know more about our work with equalization and limiting, technical specifications, general sound information, or any other questions please feel free to get in touch with us:

Yours Sincerely,

Stefan Betke